Impressive home décor tips!

There have been times when I did not take care of my house. I mean the way it looks from the overall look. I have always been concerned about its outer look. But, the other day I visited a friend and saw that how beautifully she has decorated her house with candles nicely arranged in the candle stands, beautiful looking flower vases, and the perfect aroma by the diffuser that was kept around the corner of the room. I was spell-bound to see such neat and organized house, that night I thought of doing something about my house as well. This how I went about my home décor

  • -          I first made a list of things which I would need for my house. Like the curtains, table mats, detergents, and other few things which I know I would need to clean the house.
  • -          Take out all the curtains from the rods and use them as dusting cloth, you can also get them stitched as your luggage bag covers.
  • -          Dip all the existing show pieces and vases in detergent water and clean them properly so that there is no sign of dust in them. Dry them and keep them in a clean place.
  • -          Take the clothes out of your wardrobe, pile them and arrange them back in the almirah. If you have clothes which are old and you do not want to wear them, then keep them aside and later on go to some charity and donate them.

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