Add Appeal to your living room with stylish table clocks

  My grandmom always keeps on finding something or the other to decorate the walls of the interior. She will draw motives, paint them or will do paper craft and embellish the walls of the drawing room during festivals. She has never asked for any help from any one of us. She enjoys doing this. She has also hated technology in one aspect that she thinks it has made us all lazy. But one of the gifts of technology is dear to her- that is wall clock. 

She narrates stories of how in olden days, our great grandfathers and grandmothers used to spend time without a proper time machine. They used to use so many different techniques to know the exact time. This might be one of the reasons which make her feel somewhat positive about the technical world.

Yesterday she was busy doing some paper art to hang on the walls of the common hall room of our home. She called me to ask if I wanted anything else to be put over there. I showed her one designer wall clock which was a gift from one of my closest friends. I pointed to it and said, “I want it there”.
She suggested me not to hang it in the common room but to use it in my personal room. But the idea stuck her at once. She wanted another one for the common room. I had to do the most obvious. In another few minutes, I showed her a dozen of stylish wall clocks online. She liked two from the latest wall clocks online India range. Finally, I ordered one and it actually added much grace to the wall of the drawing room.

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