Wall décor ideas for your living room!

Your living room is the first place that anyone notices while on a visit to your home. So it should be decorated with perfection. Wall décor plays a major role in accentuating your whole decoration. The wall color of your room gives a hint about your personality. So, if you are thinking of redoing your living room, just start with the wall decoration. Some nice wall decoration ideas are listed below:

1)     Paint the walls of your living room with a theme to give an appealing look to your room.

2)     Decorate the bare walls of your living room with nice wall accents. If you want to give a classy touch to your decor, hang traditional wall decorating items like a big pendulum wall clock. Contemporary art pieces are just right for those who desire a modern look.

3)     The entryway of your living room should be decorated with an interesting theme to get an admirable decor.

4)     The best way to give a fresh look to your living room is illuminating it with fine lighting fixtures. Wall sconces are a good choice for giving a classic look to your home and creating a glowing effect in your room.

5)     Nail up nice wall arts in your living area that help others depicting your personal decor style. Family pictures on your walls would enhance your décor.  

6)     Wall shelves are also a good choice to accentuate your room décor. Place some nice decorative items and family pictures over the shelves to decorate your place to perfection. A decorative sequence of shelves like a triangle or square would add to your room décor. 

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