Tips to clean an ashtray!

Cleaning an ashtray is a daunting task, especially if it is not done regularly. The ash sticks to the walls of an ash tray if not cleaned for a long time and turns into an ash concrete. 

Hence, cleaning such an ashtray becomes an irritating task. Ashtrays are one of the most important home accessories that help accentuate the interior of an abode along with keeping the home tidy and clean. It is a must-have for smokers. However, it is usually found in every home for decorative purposes. 

To make your ashtray look new, follow the cleaning tips listed below:
  1.  Wash you ashtray thoroughly with your regular dish washing soap or liquid. Wash it under the running water and once it is washed, keep it aside and let it dry.
  2.  Once it dries completely, spray the furniture polish over its entire surface.
  3. Take a paper towel and dry the ashtray with it. However, don’t dry it completely. This paper is meant to soak the excess furniture polish from some areas and not to remove it completely. Drying the ashtray with the paper towel is done to leave the thin coating of furniture polish so that the coating looks even.
  4. Allow the ashtray to dry completely.
Once it dries up completely, have a look at it and note the difference. You’ll be happy to see that your dirty ashtray is shining like a new one. So, keep cleaning your ashtrays to bring back their original shine. Follow the above listed process and get complements for your ever-shining ashtrays. 

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